Frequently Asked Questions

Our coffee and matcha concentrates are crafted to maintain freshness and flavor for an extended period. They should be stored in a cool, dark place and consumed within four months of opening.

En Route Coffee’s single-origin beans are ethically sourced from specific regions, such as Ethiopia and Guatemala. Each origin offers a distinct flavor profile, reflecting the unique terroir and coffee-growing traditions of the region. Our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures an authentic and elevated coffee experience.

Yes, our concentrates are versatile and can be used to create various coffee beverages, such as lattes, Americanos, and iced coffees. Simply mix one part concentrate with two parts water or milk, and customize to your taste.

Absolutely! Our Sweet Latte Concentrate, for example, is sweetened with natural agave instead of sugar. We believe in the beauty of simplicity without compromise, and our products are free from artificial flavors and unnecessary additives.

Booking our mobile coffee bar & cart for events and catering is easy through our website's Events & Catering page. We offer a range of customizable services, including specialty coffee, matcha, and more, all served with En Route Coffee's signature elegance. Our team is happy to work with you to create a memorable experience for your guests.