En Route Coffee began its journey as a humble coffee cart, serving events with a commitment to ease and excellence. Our beginnings as a coffee cart taught us the value of simplicity and the power of a well-crafted cup of coffee. We were there to add a touch of elegance to special occasions, ensuring hosts and guests alike could savor every moment.

As the years went by, we realized that this ethos of service, simplicity, and quality could extend beyond the confines of events. We saw a need for specialty coffee that didn’t require a barista’s skill or a connoisseur’s knowledge. And so, our direct-to-consumer journey began.

Today, En Route Coffee is much more than a simple coffee cart. We offer meticulously crafted coffee and matcha concentrates, beans, and bottled coffee to customers nationwide, all from our website.

Yet, even as we’ve grown, our roots remain firmly planted in service. Our events and catering side of the business continues to thrive, bringing the En Route Coffee experience to gatherings across Southern California. Whether it’s through a bottle of our concentrate or a cup from our coffee cart, our mission remains the same — to serve you the best cup of coffee, as you go.